When you hear her belting out one of her tunes for the very first time, it’s hard not to get goose bumps.  She has the pipes of a seasoned Diva, the soul of a woman who has truly lived and an emotionalism that can bring tears to your eyes or make you jump up out of your seat and dance all night long.
“Let Me Introduce Myself,” Mia Fanali’s debut album, is a melodic gem featuring 11 original songs detailing the journey of her life.  Fanali and producer Matt Nichols have created an album that will get you singing, dancing, and feeling inspired. “This album is about the good things in life, the bad things in life, and the moments that change you forever,” says Fanali. “It’s a true interpretation of the roles I play and what’s happened to make me who I am.”

Being on stage, she says, “is euphoric.” For her, nothing is more magical than when she’s becoming one with a song and can see from her audience’s faces that they’re feeling it too. “Those are the moments I live for—it’s as if the universe is telling me I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Fanali, who joined her first band at the age of 19, grew up surrounded by musicians. She has been playing acoustic guitar and piano since she was a young girl and considers both talents in helping her with songwriting. “Ten years ago I didn’t think I could write a song, but then something happens that changes you and you realize you can do just about anything you set your mind to.”

Fanali has no doubt that she is doing exactly what she is meant to do in this world. “I sing because it’s what I was born to do,” says the former Star Idol. “I cannot picture my life without it. Singing inspires me, frees me, and makes me feel like I’m bringing joy to people.” 

Fanali says her most powerful performance was when, after winning Star Idol in 2005, she opened the Nutmeg Games at Harbor Yard. “I walked out on stage and saw 6,000 glow sticks in the air. Yes, I was nervous, but I realized, ‘I can do this!’” Winning Star Idol encouraged Mia to take her career to the next level by co-writing and co-producing her first album with Matt Nichols.
Matt Nichols joined her team when Fanali, not happy with the direction of her album, heard a production by Nichols and immediately wanted to meet with him.  At first meeting, it was an instant connection that brought not only what would be a musical match made in heaven, but the completion of one of the albums songs, "Sad Boy.” 
“I had a vision, and Matt immediately got it – he knew right away what I wanted to do and ultimately shared the vision and my passion along with me. He made me challenge myself as an artist”, says Fanali. 
The pair co-wrote the songs, then hand picked musicians to add the depth of instrumentals that they imagined. David Livolsi, Drew McKeon, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, Jay Rowe, Ted Nichols, Chops Horns: (David “100 Watts” Watson, Darryl “Cool Notes” Dixon, James Cage III, Danny Hall) Matt Nichols and Stevie Blacke
along with background vocalists Jay Stollman, Suzanne Vick and Timmy Maia, bring the songs to life.
Fanali, who has been singing with cover band Mia & The Riff, will continue to play local clubs for her fans.  “I love my cover band and will continue to play at local venues; I have a loyal fan base and do not want to give that up,” she said. 
Fanali is excited that she can bring another dimension of her music to fans and to let them see the other side of her – the original, personal side that is reflected in her album.

Fanali is thrilled at the release of “Let me Introduce Myself” and grateful for the small tour she did with her band; to finally share the songs on the album with her audiences – songs that bring funk, soul and R&B to life, and songs that are lyrical and harmonious works of art.  “Let Me Introduce Myself” will bring the listener on a stunning, musical journey that will strike a chord in anyone who wants to believe that dreams can come true. Says Fanali, “This is only the beginning.”